Mamas for Dr. Christine Ford

“I Believe Christine Blasey Ford.” Black women are often the consolers of American society, we are first to care for any and each victim we hear of for we have experienced pain, discrimination and suffrage firsthand, or our own mothers have survived so much more; simply put it’s the effects of identity markers and more blatantly, intersectionality.  Dr. Blasey Ford’s testimony did not fall on deaf ears despite the outcome of the Senate confirmation, mamas across the country felt for her, understood her anguish, and heartfelt believed her testimony “breaking her silence.” What does that say about mamas….that no woman on this green earth can care more than us, and has suffered more despite what Bette Midler feminist incompetent moment stated. Mamas can easily see themselves in the place of a sufferer; a hurt individual and even more so a shamed woman in America that has been disregarded.

This act where we can often deeply relate should receive more outcry. Dr. Ford’s story is unbearing, to come forward as a victim, and to even have a president use his “bully pulpit” to discredit, embarrass and mortify her character is a life shattering experience; unique and rare. Yet, mamas can relate, grasp and sympathize ineptly… Kavanuagh, now a SCOTUS had the right to “defend his honor” disgustingly with cries, angry fits and narcissism similar to the behavior of an athlete outraged by a referee’s call. However, a mama athlete can be disgustingly portrayed in a Worldly magazine’s cartoon skits while a judge’s aftermath is to slide into a premiere robe even though three separate assailants have come forward. But what should a mama expect in the day and age of a “p*ssy grabbing” president. However, I come to expect more of myself and more for mamas.

“Hey Mama” will always value the image, compassion and abilities of people of color, women and particularly Black women. Black women are still not perceived as the valuable American commodity we are so of course we understand Dr. Ford. We must start more than anyone else to love, trust and appreciate one another. So easily we find solace in judgmental calls or allowed to complain about one another and take it even further to question the audacity and establishments of minority business holdings because we don’t love our own worth yet. With minority entrepreneurs quickly responding with the clap-back of we don’t treat other non-ethnic businesses in this manner. But I believe it is time we work double as hard to respect the Black dollar, the Black family, mamas and the efforts of people of color. The time is now to appreciate all the efforts of people of color and particularly how the Black woman spends her dollar; she chooses for her children, family and herself and she deserves to be cuddled and adored in service. No one believes we are worth it and we should all be upset not just when we can resound with an unfairly, hurt scarred White women in the midst of American history.

Mamas can easily associate with manners of lack of respect and its more than time that communities, including ours, go out of their way to charm mamas, cultivate our dollar, earn our return and appreciate our choices and coin. It is appropriate that mamas receive the extra attention, effort and conjuration to obtain our hard earned contributions and “Hey Mama” is with it; working three times as hard for your respect and choice. With respect mamas can move forward out of the dim light of easily associating with hardships as well as gender and race oppressions , allowing us to become fully appreciated in American culture. Even with that said I still believe Dr. Christine Ford….

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