All Aboard Mamas

Hey Mama is a welcoming environment for all mothers.  No mama should feel alone as a new parent. I became lonely as a mother. My son is a person that is just about permanently on my right hip, but I admit more than occasionally I felt alone, out of the loop per say. Happily married, but yet as a mother I felt sort of abandoned, unmatched and sourly alone at times. Where was the womanly companionship, love and support I expected to be owed to me?  I tried to be very suburban –esque and reach out to a local mom’s group with a beautiful picture of my baby boy and I yet denied… I didn’t think the mom sorority would be this way… As a bubbly pregnant woman, people smiled as my belly and I waddled by, everyone had questions and spoke. The baby shower itself was adoring with lots of love and support. But, the aftermath however left me alone, lots of time with just a happy baby to speak to.

Of course, family and close friends stopped in for baby love but after time it was just us, just a toddler and I (newsflash your pediatrician starts calling your little baby a toddler around 12 mos. or earlier if they can walk; it’s as though everyone screams “TODDLER”). I personally have enough love for my Mason pie to fill all the days of his life and the next one but I knew the right answer was culture and camaraderie for the both of us.

It is my mere opinion that mamas are the most accepting, huggable and endearing women I’ll ever meet. Although, everyday life, stereotypes of discernment and strife perception can also cause us to be naturally skeptical. Mamas especially due to the daily stress of feeling or being marginalized while maneuvering patriarchy do not always appear as welcoming. All mamas experience biases on some level; it may be constant, cumulative or rare but no matter your zipcode we all can give an account of. So atop of being caretakers we enter our daily lives with automatic social pressure and stress. No wonder so many of us aren’t smiling and waving as we pass by. Trust me I know, I greet and introduce myself to strangers on a daily for ”Hey Mama.”

Nonetheless, “Hey Mama” wants to be a part of ending the scowl and loneliness amongst us of feeling as though it is just me vs. the world. For beneath the surface of pinned up aggression, falls upon feeling alone when we should all be together as mamas bonding and supporting one another in the name of mamahood. We live in an era of modern day voter suppression where buses are prohibited from transporting voters to ballots, i.d. is required and gerrymandering is prominent so if we learned nothing else from great leaders it is evident that we show endearment for one another,“life’s most persistent and urgent question is, what are you doing for others?” So check your “Black Girl” apprehension at the car and be apart of openly providing space and comfort for one another; it’s the “Hey Mama” way; an atmosphere where no one has to feel alone or under the pressure.

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