Latest Feelings: How Glad I Am…

This is a proud mama moment for me, as the New Year brings in much joy, celebration it also gives many of us a renewal of commitment to goals and visions.  Top of my list this year was to honor my family, being a more prepared mama, especially to my little toddler for these are the years that encourages his strengths of character and allows him to supersede the seed of doubt (for life) in any action he attempts; we are team “no fear,” famous words of his late Nana, over here.  However , next on my list was to commit more to me,  a subject all mamas can relate…  from self-care; mentally or physically, remembering us is a rite of passage we all find ourselves at.  I have never taken vows for myself, my marriage, yes, but not for me to be responsible for my own joy and reassurance, from the wise words of the late Ntozake Shange, “ I found God in myself/And I loved her/ I loved her fiercely” and here I am graciously accepting me and being my own admirer.

In particularly, knowing everything in regards to “Hey Mama” is valuable for this mama is nonetheless.  I vowed to be my best me for myself, to believe in my capabilities and to not shy away from thriving ambitions. Among other things, the inner bliss this commitment of believing in me, has brought this mama is peace worthy.

This little mama started hosting humble play-dates at home in April 2018. I trademarked the “hey mama” culture in June then I began blogging away in my little articles in July, followed by creating an official Mom’s group with curriculum and cool family gatherings in October, and on February 1st 2019 I finalized my website for mamas. This isn’t a declaration on a million dollar project or concept, this is in regards to being happily worthy and bringing a vision to reality. This is indeed a “can’t complain” merry moment “cant steal my joy” for me. I organized and created a mama structure in the middle of nights and during my son’s car naps in the driveway, or during his twenty minute Youtube binges. I devoted myself to this objective. Mamas need a network in which we can log-in, be warmly greeted, and find accessible programming for our babies. Contacts and touchable information was a missing component when I began my mama-hood and I knew I wasn’t the only one so to help myself and others creating a site of information was imperative, and is indeed a very, very, happy moment. Furthermore, if you would like to join a mama on adventures of learn & play with your babies, join the playgroup we would love to have you and please know you aren’t alone in your mama journey and you’re doing a phenomenal job. But for now in the words of Nancy Wilson ‘you don’t know how glad I am…”

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