Aunt-tee’ing While Black, Ms. Atatiana Jefferson

The extent of nyctophobia, it’s implicit biases and its heights in our society; particularly in our law enforcement is a clear indication of immediate action needed in the threat of Black lives. With that said, Atatiana Jefferson, everyday thoughts of you appear. Your name causes a cold chill throughout my body. See ,aunties are sacred in Black families. I was a devoted auntie before becoming a mother( I started slacking after Mase…). As a young girl I grew up in a single-parent household, my older sister became a single parent as well and the fact of the matter is mamas, “you just need help” and that makes a young woman, an auntie aide her sister or brother. Aunts always steps up. That call comes often, it no longer has a please or a plead, parents get straight to the ask “I need you…to pick them up from after-school/daycare? Nephew needs football cleats? “We help make Christmases and birthdays better and we devote our time to many and I mean many overnight stays. But, this is how we learn to mother. I, particularly already felt instinctive of caring for a little person because most of my life; big sister role to auntie I gained more and more responsible and indebted to the value of a younger and more innocent being’s life. That’s just want a mother in training does and for me that is what an aunt is. So, for Atatiana Jefferson to be gunned down in her home from an exterior view adds aunt’ing while Black to the lists.

To take an aunt means: you have taken a life, a backbone of a family , a trustworthy individual of a minor, a second mother, a role model, a family hero, a loved soul and so much more. Not to mention her, Atatiana Jefferson had the right to live for herself. A right many aunties cannot afford for they are so needed and they generously share their means; from experience, their physical attendance/time as well as monetary for the sake of our families’ next generations. Now, forever and every-time here after I hear Atatiana Jefferson a tear develops as chill appears. This is a very scary epidemic to live in for now being innocently Black inside your OWN home with possibly a remote in your hand is a deadly crime, child in the area of pursuit or not. We, brothers, fathers, mothers and sisters are open range targets. An aunt (tee –tee ) of no suspicious behavior or fear should never be losing her life to an intentional bullet because she is playing a video game with her nephew. For, I and many have done just that in life…Atatiana you were of immense and unattainable value and we; aunties and loves of aunties, are sorry for your loss…..

Ms. Atatiana Jefferson, 28 years old was gunned down and killed thru her bedroom window while playing video games with her nephew on October 12 by a Forth Worth Texas officer responding to a wellness check of an ajar door.


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