On Assignment with Kobe Bryant

There is something to be said about being on assignment. I find solitude in church family, being surrounded and in unison for the love of Jesus and the Almighty and with respect of the Holy Spirit. Although I’m not a Christian blogger, or a Christian mom blogger that doesn’t diminish my love and deeply profound love for Christ and his personal mission with each and every one of us, I just stay in my lane when it comes to truth telling… .But I felt obligated in the light of Kobe Bryant (literally tears…) Gianni Bryant and prayers to the other bodies and souls that perished alongside them … Mamas, we are on assignment, and if you have not been honest with yourself that you have one you can.

Kobe Bryant accepted his obligation here on earth many times over. As an athlete Kobe invested himself in the ideology of perfecting your craft, showing others what hard work in what you dedicate oneself to can bear you; such a satisfaction and endearing passion for the game that the world admired his talent beyond the monetary gain… that’s God. Not to mention clearly the perfection of the sport…This concept of coming full circle in life is a theme that ghastly we all have noticed and seen with the legend.  Completing your assignments cannot be denied with Kobe Bryant; from his elevation of social consciousness to his public outpour on the importance of family; we can only imagine the behind closed doors bonding he had with all his family members and more. Allen Iverson in paraphrase stated Kobe was a student in life. Meaning he accepted his successes as much as a chance to correct doubts and unconscious remarks (New Yorker Winter 2014) (humbly in his Jemele Hill interview circa 2015 ) and ingeniously he patiently listened to the pain behind Trayvon Martin comprehended the newfound importance and changed his public stance and his assignment of social consciousness grew more mature to a public unwavering, undeniable, not up for debate passionate support of Colin Kapernick and the cause of injustices towards Blacks in America . This is the definition of full circle; growth and humbleness. His love of legacy and how importance the love of children could be taught many times from courtside at games with his wife and children (particularly Gianni) to us all and it radiated to individuals; this is the essence of assignment. An uncontrollable passion to complete certain items and the passion is beyond one’s control is God using us, our work and life paths to show his love for us all. To give lessons, to improve ourselves and importantly someone else.

Mamba-ly, accept your assignment, live up to your assignment, in the end “well done” is the praise that is purposeful.  Completing assignments no matter how little and doubtful they may appear, focus on one’s goals ; passion and assignment, know God has deemed you worthy, challenge growth, learn from failures, keep going, protect your assignment and achieve greatness it’s the Black Mamba and Mambacita way. Thank you Kobe for teaching the essence of confidence in one’s capabilities, protecting your objectives and driving forward like a champion, on assignment with Say Hey to Mama…. God bless.


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